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YHVH’S FEASTS – Introduction

Feasts - Divine AppointmentsYears ago, a church in our area sponsored a teaching event featuring a demonstration Seder (Passover meal), and it was a deeply moving experience for all of the participants.  The correlation between the elements of the feast and the life, death, resurrection and Kingship of Y’shua was so obvious, and gave us new insight into His ministry and His prominent place in Old Testament prophecy.   Continue reading YHVH’S FEASTS – Introduction


Time to Come Home!

Hanoch Young, Tour guide and friend of Ephraim
Hanoch Young, Tour guide and friend of Ephraim

The following letter is from our friend, Hanoch Young in Israel.  We are very excited that Hanoch will not only be a speaker at the First Ephraimite/Northern Israel National Congress in Israel (that we will be attending), but Hanoch will also be so kind as to spend a few days before the Congress guiding us and some friends around Israel!   

There are two reasons that make this a special blessing:

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Fox Byte 5775 #12: VaYechi (And He Lived)

All things are being restored, as promised in scripture, and part of that restoration includes a renewed understanding of the believer’s place in the Family of God. This article does a great job of explaining that relationship. Thanks to Al Carn of “The Barking Fox.”

The Barking Fox


José Ferrer as Cyrano and Mala Powers as Roxane in Stanley Kramer's 1950 film  production of Cyrano de Bergerac.José Ferrer as Cyrano and Mala Powers as Roxane in Stanley Kramer’s 1950 film production of Cyrano de Bergerac.

The timeless appeal of Edmond Rostand’s Cyrano de Bergerac is in its depiction of selfless love.  Cyrano’s bigger-than-life character captures our attention instantly.  How could it not?  He is a man’s man – no one wields a sword as brilliantly, nor as judiciously, as this noble French warrior whose sense of right and wrong guides him to uphold the cause of those less fortunate.  Yet Cyrano is a sensitive soul, the greatest poet of his day, and one quick to win the confidence of the ladies.  Even though his overly large nose draws immediate notice, Cyrano himself is larger than this one glaring defect, and in fact capitalizes on it to win greater acclaim and honor.  But it is that defect which keeps Cyrano from the desire of his…

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WildernessMost believers in the Christian church have never heard of “The Second Exodus” nor is it taught as it relates to His Kingdom.  Is there a basis for such a teaching and what role does it play in Y’shua’s return?

We are still examining the various teachings pertaining to this subject, but our focus is to learn what Scripture has to say about it.  What we are finding in Scripture is totally different from the teachings we have come across thus far.  We have studied this topic fairly thoroughly in the Word, but there is still more to be considered.  Nevertheless, at the request of friends and family, we present what we have learned so far. Continue reading THE SECOND EXODUS