Check It Out!

These are a few links we’ve found useful for study and fellowship:

Beast Watch News – Kimberly Rogers-Brown’s  informative and insightful reporting on daily events from a prophetic standpoint –  a GREAT site for keeping an eye on prophetic events!  For her teachings on the weekly Torah portions and various topics of interest, see her web site, The Messianic Message.  And finally, Kimberly has an excellent news RADIO show at Hebrew Nation Radio, called Jerusalem Next!

Video: Truth or Tradition: Should Christians Celebrate Christmas and Easter?  By Jim Staley of Passion for Truth Ministries.  An excellent video giving the background of the Christian holidays of Christmas and Easter.

Video:  Exodus Revealed – This is an excellent examination of the Exodus event, using modern science and technology.  VERY interesting!

Video: The Mountain of The LORD – A great video that clearly and visually explains the history, geographic situation and construction of the two Temples.  Outstanding!

Israel and All Nations – The home page for the Messianic fellowship we are part of in China Grove, North Carolina.  A great bunch of Truth Seekers who let the scriptures speak for themselves! (NOTE: If the link doesn’t work, do a Google search to find a working link – for some reason WordPress is unable to link to this site.)

Chavah Messianic Radio – A wonderful messianic (online) radio station that allows you to create a personal profile resulting in a play-list composed of your favorite artists and selections.  You can enter requests (which you will hear immediately), likes, dislikes, and read some great articles by the producer.  NO ADVERTISEMENTS!

Ancient Hebrew Research Center – Jeff Benner’s website, with amazing information about the amazing language of Ancient Hebrew!

Video: The Leaven of Yeshua’s Last Supper – DID YESHUA EAT PASSOVER WITH HIS DISCIPLES? What kind of bread was eaten? Raised bread? Are you sure?  What do the different types of bread symbolize?

B’ney Yosef National Shabbat – Ephraim is beginning to assemble in America – not just in local congregations but in larger groups from many states.  The National Shabbat is the vehicle for those meetings.  Their statement: “Once a month, there will be a Shabbat experience that will bring Northern Israelites together from fellowships, congregations, and homes to express and declare to Avinu (our Father) that we are the people of Northern Israel. There will be no teaching, but occasional presentations about our national restoration and Scriptural discussions promoting a national outlook.”

B’ney Yosef Region 35 – The NATIONAL SHABBAT movement is taking hold across America, and this is the link to the group who meets in the Midwest.   If you are part of Ephraim and live in the Midwest, consider attending some of their meetings and make some new friends of like mind!

VideoNehemia Gordon – The Name of God – this is Part Three of The Open Door Series, which is a series of lectures examining the scriptures with a Hebrew scholar and a messianic Christian pastor.  LOTS of great information and fun to watch.  This particular video presents the manuscript evidence for the Name of God being pronounced as Yehovah (Yeh-Hoe-VAH).

Glossary of Hebraic Terms – The glossary has been prepared by  Judaism 101, which is a great website with lots of information about modern Judaism, its history, development and current expression.  The site’s creator describes his site  as “JewFAQ: Answering Jewish Frequently Asked Questions for more than a decade!”  No, we’re not Jews, nor do we wish to convert to Judaism, but Messianics and Hebrew Roots believers should invest the time and effort to understand Big Brother Judah’s perspective – we owe him that honor and respect!


2 thoughts on “Check It Out!”

  1. Hi, thanks for you posts here. I am just starting to read Dr. Eli new work about to be published, “the Jewish Gospel of John” and it’s really hard to put it down. Your posts and comments are a helpful treasure for someone like me trying to go deeper in Hebrew study..

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