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Can God ‘unsanctify’ the ‘sanctified?’

FABULOUS!!!! A MUST READ!!! Thanks, Pete Rambo, for narrowing the whole ‘Sabbath Debate’ down to its bare bones! Well Done!


Some recent musings….

Yesterday evening I was test driving my new toy from Messianic Jewish Family Bible.  (I’ll MJFB TLVreview it after having more time, but I did shed tears of joy as I read their story and vision.  Limited reservations at this point, but they might be assuaged.)

I was selecting and reading random texts and considering the phrasing to gain insight into the minds of the translators when I thought to look at Genesis 2:2-3, in light of recent debate/discussion about the ‘seventh day’ on this blog.  The MJFB’s Tree of Life Version renders the verses,

God completed – on the seventh day – His work that He made, and He ceased – on the seventh day – from all His work that He made.  Then God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it, for on it He ceased from all His work that God created for…

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