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JORDAN – First Steps: Housing (Part 3 of a Series)

Question Mark - wooden typeThe biggest decision we had to make in planning our move to Jordan was deciding what to take with us and how to ship it.   The questions we had to ask ourselves were: What are the available modes of shipping?  What are the costs involved?  Is it more cost-effective to buy everything  overseas?  What type of housing is available?  Can we get a furnished apartment and eliminate the need for shipping?

As we sorted through these questions, we realized that our first question should be whether we even needed to take our household items with us, or could we replace everything at reasonable prices overseas?  The answer would be determined by the kind of housing that is available and the availability of replacement items. 

In this article, I will be discussing housing, which ended up being the deciding factor for us.  Continue reading JORDAN – First Steps: Housing (Part 3 of a Series)


JORDAN – We Can’t live on Air! (Part 2 of a Series)

Phil 4-17 bMost of the Americans here in Aqaba are gray-haired and living not on air, but on Social Security.   For folks like us, even though the budget may be tight, our basic income is essentially taken care of.  Frankly, we have it pretty easy. Continue reading JORDAN – We Can’t live on Air! (Part 2 of a Series)

Jordan – Getting There (Part 1 of a series)

Aqaba from the Red Sea
A view of Aqaba from the Red Sea

I was pleasantly surprised and a little excited when a number of folks contacted me to ask what was involved in the move to Jordan, because Abba has been speaking to them about making the same move!   In fact, a steady stream of people are arriving.  Seems like YHVH is doing something here!! Continue reading Jordan – Getting There (Part 1 of a series)

AQABA, JORDAN – Being There – The People

Aqaba Jordan
On a main road into down town Aqaba.

It’s 5 pm and I am sitting in my living room being serenaded by the call of the mu’addin (Arabic) or muezzin (Turkish) (meaning crier or announcer) calling the faithful to prayer at a nearby mosque.   It’s a sad sound – he always sounds like he is in mourning.   In a moment, he will be joined by many other criers all over the city, all of whom sound equally depressed.   I suppose it is the Arabic expression of reverence.   Continue reading AQABA, JORDAN – Being There – The People


view of the city
This lovely view was taken from Eilat, Israel, looking across the Gulf of Aqaba toward the city of Aqaba.  The mountains make an impressive backdrop for the city, and the Gulf provides a beautiful ‘front porch'[, not to mention providing lovely breezes that comfort Aqaba on the hottest of days.

Yes, we live in Aqaba, Jordan now!!  It all happened rather suddenly and unexpectedly!!

At the request of a number of our friends and readers, here are some photos and a little information about our new city and homeland.   🙂  Continue reading AQABA, JORDAN???