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Sanctify YOURSELVES – BE Holy

This was a very difficult article for me.  It began as a Temple-class homework assignment, but ended as a painful self-evaluation.  My study group will tell you that I was in tears as I read this to them, but they asked me to “please, please” publish this article because, as difficult as the message is, everything we’ve found in the Word (OT and NT) bears it out.  Continue reading Sanctify YOURSELVES – BE Holy


ALERT: Important conversation worth watching…

If you’re interested in the reunification of the tribes, you will find that something very interesting is happening over at Pete Rambo’s blog, natsab.   Listen in!


Dear readers,

There is an important conversation taking place that you may want to watch.  Please do not ‘pile-on,’ however this is a good opportunity to read and understand some of the fundamentals in one of many ongoing conversations with brother Judah.

Go here:

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Yeshua is the Door

This great word study by Peter Ryall of the Missing Pieces blog has some really great nuggets in it that will light up your day. Enjoy!

Missing Pieces

the-door-of-the-sheep“Then Jesus said to them again, “Most assuredly, I say to you, I am the door of the sheep.John 10:7

In Yeshua’s “I am” statement about being the Door of the Sheep,  He teaches us that He is “the Door”, not just “a door”.  He is saying that He is not only our Shepherd who leads us into the sheepfold of the Kingdom, but He is the only door by which we can enter and be saved and find safe pasture (John 10:9).  There are deeper meanings for understanding Yeshua as our door into the Kingdom of God, so come with me now as we dig deeper into the Word to explore these meanings.

It is helpful to understand more about sheep and shepherding in general and specifically during Yeshua’s time.  Of all domesticated animals, sheep are the most helpless.  Sheep will spend their entire day…

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Created in the IMAGE of God….


Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg, Dean of the Jewish Studies Faculty at  eTeacher (the online biblical Hebrew class that John and I are taking) and Host of the “Jewish Studies for Christians” blog, gave me an interesting insight into Gen 1:26:

And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. Gen 1:26
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Sunday School, P. 5 David, Goliath and Yeshua’s 2nd Coming

Pete Rambo has offered a really great (audio) study showing the many incredible ways that David’s encounter with Goliath pictures the Second Coming of Messiah.  At the beginning, Pete reads a poem by Sam Walter Foss – the sound is not great and it’s hard to hear, so you can read the poem at   This is an excellent teaching and well worth the 45 minute investment of your time!  Enjoy!


This week in Sunday School we took a look at Yeshua in the Tanakh as seen in David at the defeat of Goliath, I Samuel 17.  I began our teaser with a poem I previously posted.  Then, we looked at Psalm 23:3, also previously touched on here.  Here is the ppt for the lesson, containing both poem and notes for the first part of the lesson.  Paths v Cycles

Toward the end, I give a homework assignment and tell them that Torah is GOOD!! handout will help them.  I HIGHLY recommend this one page study sheet.

Here is the 45 minute audio of the lesson that ultimately connects David and Goliath with our Messiah’s Second Coming, also previously discussed on this blog.

Enjoy and please share.  Feedback welcome.

Shalom, shalom!

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Was Jesus on Mt. Sinai? Part 2

Originally posted by Pete Rambo at his blog, natsab.  He discovered a real gem of information in his study!  Thanks, Pete!


Was Jesus on Mt Sinai?  Does it matter? is one of the most popular and single most shared posts this blog has ever written.  (I recommend the article and recommend sharing it, but that is not the purpose of this short post.)  In the post I articulated and defended from several angles my conviction that Yeshua (Jesus) stood on Mt. Sinai and was/is the Lawgiver with whom Moshe spoke.

Well, if you have been keeping up the last week or so on this blog, you know that I have begun teaching a series at a local Baptist Church demonstrating Yeshua’s presence in the Tanach (OT).  We have begun with the ‘Angel of the Lord’ instances to reveal Him as the physical, visible manifestation of Elohim (God).

Well, today, in the middle of our Shabbat midrash my attention was drawn to chase a rabbi trail that lead to me reading a…

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Before the Foundation of the World! Implications…

I had seriously considered writing an article about the Pre-Existent Word and the Pre-existent Torah, but Pete Rambo has already done an excellent job of introducing the subject. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! I hope you will give Pete’s article a serious reading and use it as a launch pad for the Holy Spirit to open your understanding on the topics broached here. Good stuff!


Last week I was pondering something interesting.  “The law is spiritual, therefore, it can’t be done away with!”

I had determined to study and write about it, but you can tell by recent content that I have not had time to focus on writing some deeper posts.  (I think that is working itself out..)

Then, last night, several interesting pieces suddenly came into focus!!AT

Our fellowship’s Wednesday evening Torah study group has been watching/working through Dr. Hollisa Alewine’s Creation Gospel video series. Our normal practice is to watch the whole video and then discuss.  Well, in the middle of part 6a, a much shorter segment than most, Brother Dean turns to me and asks, ‘Uhmm, can we pause that?’

‘Sure!  I was thinking the same thing!!’

As soon as I hit ‘pause,’ Sis Paulette exclaimed, ‘Wow!  Thank you!  I am just blown away…’  And, a spirited discussion began

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Ya’acov saw Elohim (God) face to face…

Thanks to Pete Rambo for bringing this to light 🙂


And, the kicker is that He was in the form of a man…  The Hebrew could not be clearer.  In Hebrew, from Genesis 32:24, 30:

(32:25) ויותר יעקב לבדו ויאבק אישׁ עמו עד עלות השׁחר׃

(32:31) ויקרא יעקב שׁם המקום פניאל כי־ראיתי אלהים פנים אל־פנים ותנצל נפשׁי׃

The Schottenstein Chumash translates these verses as follows:

v24    Left alone > was Jacob > by himself > and a man wrestled > with him > until > the rise > of the dawn.

v.30    So Jacob called > the name > of the place > Peniel >> For > I have seen > the Divine (Elohim) > face- > to- > face, > yet saved > was my life.  (Parenthesis mine)

The only thing I really wish right now is that I had an electronic version of the Schottenstein to search and find how many (or, how few) times they…

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The question of Y’shua’s deity (or lack thereof) is of HUGE importance to any believer.  We all need to be sure in our own minds of our own stand.  My husband and I have come back to this topic a number of times, but so far we have found nothing that convinces us that Y’shua was not “God With Us.”  On the contrary, both the Tanakh (Old Testament) and the B’rit Chadashah (New Testament) appear to confirm His deity.    Continue reading THE DEITY OF Y’SHUA