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discusses the true names of YHWH and Y’shua

Yeshua is the Door

This great word study by Peter Ryall of the Missing Pieces blog has some really great nuggets in it that will light up your day. Enjoy!

Missing Pieces

the-door-of-the-sheep“Then Jesus said to them again, “Most assuredly, I say to you, I am the door of the sheep.John 10:7

In Yeshua’s “I am” statement about being the Door of the Sheep,  He teaches us that He is “the Door”, not just “a door”.  He is saying that He is not only our Shepherd who leads us into the sheepfold of the Kingdom, but He is the only door by which we can enter and be saved and find safe pasture (John 10:9).  There are deeper meanings for understanding Yeshua as our door into the Kingdom of God, so come with me now as we dig deeper into the Word to explore these meanings.

It is helpful to understand more about sheep and shepherding in general and specifically during Yeshua’s time.  Of all domesticated animals, sheep are the most helpless.  Sheep will spend their entire day…

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Was Paul His Real Name? by Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg

PaulTurnsToThe Gentiles
Saul/Paul was both Jewish and a Roman citizen. His ministry reflected both cultural connections. Here he freely testifies to Greeks in Athens itself.

Here are some interesting tid-bits of information that gave me some new insight into Paul’s history and motivation.  Fun stuff! Continue reading Was Paul His Real Name? by Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg


The question of Y’shua’s deity (or lack thereof) is of HUGE importance to any believer.  We all need to be sure in our own minds of our own stand.  My husband and I have come back to this topic a number of times, but so far we have found nothing that convinces us that Y’shua was not “God With Us.”  On the contrary, both the Tanakh (Old Testament) and the B’rit Chadashah (New Testament) appear to confirm His deity.    Continue reading THE DEITY OF Y’SHUA

Rewriting Scripture….

And in that day shall ye say, Praise YHVH, call upon his name,
declare his doings among the people, make mention that
his name is exalted.
Isa 12:4

Bible openedIf you have read the foreword to your Bible, you already know that English-language and international translations of the Bible have purposely altered Scripture, but the translators have explained that they did it for a good reason that was honoring to God.  Frankly, I just didn’t give the matter much thought – after all, if knowledgeable people think it’s okay, it must be okay!   Right?   Continue reading Rewriting Scripture….

What’s in a Name?

Paleo Hebrew and Modern Hebrew
YHVH (the personal name of God) in Paleo Hebrew and Modern Hebrew

Here in America, we talk about ‘God’ a lot.  When we speak of ‘God’, most of us envision the Supreme Being, the Creator of the Universe, the Father of all.  And most of us do not realize that He has a NAME!

He tells us His name over 6,800 times in His Word!  (Our Bibles have replaced His Name with ‘The LORD.’)  Continue reading What’s in a Name?