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Pesach Delicacies… (Pics!!)

How funny – at the request of one of my readers, I just posted some our favorite Pesach recipes. But this collection is awesome, so I HAVE to reblog it!!!   We’re gonna try some of these during the upcoming Feast of Unleavened Bread! Since matzoh (unleavened bread) represents unpolluted doctrine (pure scripture), how fitting that we should make some desserts with it, since David tells us that His Word is ‘sweeter than honey’! Thanks, Pete!


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Chocolate Decadence – A Passover Treat

chocolate decadence cakeThis recipe comes from – they didn’t include a photo for it, so I am using someone else’s photo of a single-serving version as served at d.K. Steakhouse in Waikiki, Hawaii.  “This is a very thin, rich cake, billed in restaurants as a flourless chocolate cake”, perfect for a special Pesach (Passover) dessert.  Enjoy!  Continue reading Chocolate Decadence – A Passover Treat