Jerusalem has become a cup of trembling…. Buckle your seat belt!

The pace of prophecy fulfillment is picking up. This coming year will be filled with significant events which we must be alert to recognize and understand from the Word, rather than from the interpretation of men.   May YHVH endow us with great wisdom, with understanding, and with courage. Thank you, Pete Rambo (natsab blog), for this article:


israel-and-the-palestinians-united-nations-mapIt is hard to understate the enormity of recent happenings regarding the fate of Jerusalem.  I am still trying to process it all, but I do think it safe to say that we, mankind, have crossed a threshold into prophetically uncharted waters.

If you have not heard, on Kislev 23, 5777, the United Nations Security Council passed Resolution 2334 that condemns any Israeli activity beyond its 1967 borders.  Further, the Resolution gives teeth to the international body to begin using lawsuits and eventually military action against not only Israel, but any who would side with her.  According to the enforceable text of the Resolution, the Old City, the Western Wall as well as multiple Jewish suburbs around Jerusalem now belong to a non-existent people group commonly called ‘Palestinians.’

The political intrigue leading up to its passing is an interesting study in multiple characters. 

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One thought on “Jerusalem has become a cup of trembling…. Buckle your seat belt!”

  1. The article on the recent UN action on the question of so called Jewish settlements on the West Bank is very political although it was perhaps intended to be religious.

    Back in 1968-1971, I was involved with the old Worldwide Church of God (WWCG) and Herbert W. Armstrong before it fell apart. Regardless of its good and bad points, it had two messages which I appreciated—Israel Identity and apolitical on politics. The WWCG would always ask how would The MESSIAH vote? And the answer was HE would not vote. The current question on the West Bank devolves the same way. Is it a political question? Are Ephraimites involved in politics to take a stand as your leaders have now done? So, what would YESHUA have done?

    In New Testament (NT) times, much of Palestine was in alien hands that largely went back to the deportation of the House of Israel and the movement of aliens like the Samarians in to occupy the land—plus, of course, there was a huge influx of Amalekites in from the South (Seir) during the Babylonian exile which had completely taken over the Jerusalem politics and religion by the time of the evil Amalekite Herod and Herodians who were supposedly Jewish converts (but actually Jew pretenders Rev 2:9 and 3:9).

    These Amalekites (called Idumeans and “Jews” in NT times) were correctly sons of the Devil (John 8:44), serpents (Matt 23:33) and vipers (Matt 3:7; 12:34; 23:33) who were the Jerusalem Scribe and Pharisee killers of all men of all time, to include YESHUA in time (proof—see the killers of righteous in Matt 23:34-39, compared to the killers of all in Rev 18:24).

    These Amalekites were inherently evil in their DNA and genes (Ex 17:14; Mal 1:1-5; Rom 9:13) which prompted YHWH to order Israel to kill 100% of them—men, women, children–and yes even little babies–(Ex 17:14; Num 24:20; Deut 25:17-19; I Sam 15:2-3).

    They were the only people in Scriptural history whom YHWH placed under genocide liquidation order by HIS Law (of course, the Israelites never obeyed His law anyway and therefore never executed all the Amalekites as they were commanded to do; so they survived till today—Ps 83:7). Even the Canaanites had cause for their liquidation (as they illegally occupied land belonging to Arphaxad); and even then there was the option of simply driving them out instead of killing them (Ex 34:11; Deut 7). But with the Amalekites, the command was kill them all, 100%.

    YESHUA was in periodic contact with the Samaritans (plus surely the Arab invaders who certainly covered the east side of the Jordan and were likely also on the west side of the Jordan) and never once did HE condemn the Samaritans, Arabs or anyone else occupying the once Israelite lands. Never once did He suggest that it would be alright for true Jews (much less the Jew pretenders) to go to Samaria and take over the land and occupy it whether it was in private lands or public lands in the hands of the Samaritan government.

    To whatever extent that there were Arabs in the once Israelite lands (who were surely occupying lands that they inherited or bought with their own money), there is no record that YESHUA ever suggested stealing their land by force and by outright seizure (whether they were living on it, in exile or what).

    While the Ephramite leadership has tried to say the modern land seizures are of land mysteriously unoccupied (although the owners may not be present on it, or it may be public lands owned by the local government or big land holders). If the settlers want to steal some unoccupied land, why don’t they choose some of the land in the state of Israel that is unoccupied (and most of these huge land tracts in Israel are Israeli government owned or owned by the big Khazar Jew banks in London/New York).

    Even the fat cat Amalekite Jews in Jerusalem were never threatened by YESHUA; other than the times He entered their money changing/commercial activities at the Temple and drove them out there with a whip and HIS personal force and resolve (though few understand it, but the Amalekites had a full service international bank at the Temple, as well as similar banks in Alexandria and Rome).

    This action by YESHUA was why they chose to kill Him (here is a link if the reader is interested in a 160 page book yours truly wrote on Politics and Murder, volume 23 of Ezekiel and YHWH’s Judgment for the Good News People—at

    This 160 page book addresses both the Amalekite murder of YESHUA as well as US president John F Kennedy. While I was no fan of Kennedy, I have been compelled to focus on his killers—whom by the way were of the same people who killed YESHUA (like Matthew23:34-39 and Rev 18:24 have it—murderers of both good and bad people).

    So, would YESHUA engage in political questions of what to do about the presence of these non Israelite peoples in lands that once belonged to Israelite people? The answer is clear. He largely ignored them and focused on other issues of morality and Torah obedience.

    While these Amalekites completely controlled the Shammai Pharisee sect (which was the ruling Pharisees in the Jerusalem area) and even the Levitical priesthood at the Temple, YESHUA continued to go to Jerusalem during the festivals and worship at the Temple. This is in sharp contrast to what most of His followers had done in their lives.

    Most of HIS followers were members of or were former members of the Essene sect (as proven in the article on Story of Shimon, at They survived in the Kadesh area in the Seir mountains in both the Assyrian deportations in c700 BCE, and the later Babylonian exile of true Jews in c554 BCE (I Chron 4:41-43).

    Following the return of the true Jews and the later Greek conquests, these Shimon (and other) Israelites returned to the promise land and organized their own sect—later called Essenes, some 390 years following the fall of Jerusalem to Babylon.

    When the Amalekites under Herod the Great and the Herodians took over Jerusalem and Judaism in the first century BCE, the Temple and true Temple worship became corrupted and commercialized by the Amalekite Jew pretenders. The Essenes in the outlying areas were so opposed to it that they refused to go to the Temple. Their writings in the Dead Sea Scrolls confirm their total opposition to the Temple in NT times.

    Even with the death of old Herod himself, his children and Herodian followers continued in power over Jerusalem and Judaism despite actual Roman rule. This is an enigma few understand. The reason the Amalekite power prevailed in Judea was because they owned the big international banks and had their hooks in the households of Caesar and leaders in the Roman Senate (as laid out in the above cited book on Politics and Murder).

    Because it was in their genes to cause wars to murder people (Gen 27:39-41), the Amalekite power in Jerusalem and Rome brought on the Jewish-Roman War of 66-73 BCE. One might think that with the fall of Jerusalem and the death and slavery of Jews in Palestine that the Amalekite presence would end; but no, not so (though those surviving in Judea were either killed or driven out).

    Most of the Amalekites surviving in Idumea merely packed up and moved north through the Caucasus to the land of Ashkenaz and seized it and ruled it as Khazaria (modern Georgia). They changed their language, religion, culture and history and became Yiddish-Khazars. In c740 CE, they converted en mass to Judaism; where today they constitute something over 90% of world Jewry.

    Per the Welcome column at, the Amalekite move north to Georgia was established following WWI in the “Official Report of the U.S.A. Army Intelligence,” on “Bolshevism and Judaism,” as transmitted by the U.S.A. Army Staff, 2nd Bureau and as compiled by the Official American Services, per a transmission to the US by the US Ambassador to the French Republic (quoted in “The Two Seeds of Genesis 3:15,” 1994 ed, p. 413).

    This US Army report refers to Jews, but those mentioned are political Zionists, “the great majority of whom are not Jews by blood, but only by religion, they being descendants of the Herodians, who were Idumeans of Turko-Mongol blood, and are actually Edomites.” The Herodians were Second Temple Amalek-Edomites, living in Judea.

    The true racial Jews in the world today are those from the Middle East, called Oriental, Eastern or Mizrahi Jews as historically found in Iraq and Iran. Most of those from Iraq are in Israel as the Ultra Orthodox Shas people in the Jerusalem area. As far as this writer knows, it is doubtful that any of these Shas people are involved in the settlements in the Arab lands of Palestine addressed in the recent UN resolution.

    The other large block of true Jews are still living in Iran/Persia. They are strongly anti-Zionists and certainly not in favor of the settlements under discussion. This same anti-Zionist position has been shared with many or most Ultra Orthodox “Religious” Jews for the last 100 years.

    In the so called Diaspora, there was a large Jewish population in ancient Yemen, now in the state of Israel. These Yemeni Jews date from the first century CE and it is unclear how they tie to the true Jews or Amalekite Jews of NT times.

    The Sephardic Jews of Iberia are mainly Berbers/Moors (original Philistines) who invaded Iberia in the eight century BCE. As was their practice, they killed the men and copulated with the women to produce a very mixed population—of the Spaniards and Portuguese as well as the surviving Sephardic Jews in that area.

    The essence here is that the information available on the settlements is that most of the settlers in the UN resolution are not even true Jews at all. They are largely all Jew pretenders (per Rev 2:9; 3:9). Even if one can speculate that some true Jews might be involved (from Yehudah), how can one associate their so called right to lands never allocated to Jews (but to Ephraim, Issachar, Manasseh or Naphtali in Samaria). Manifestly true Jews would not have any right to seize this land that once belonged to the other tribes.

    Having now mentioned above that the true Jews and likewise religious Jews generally have been anti-Zionists who certainly were not interested in stealing or misappropriating land belonging to Arabs or anyone else, their reason for this position is relevant. All along, they say that their expulsion from the land was and is the decision of YHWH (for evil and sin).

    Since YHWH has expelled them, they say that they must be patient and wait on HIM to reverse HIS decision and restore them to the land (as is abundantly promised in the Word that HE will do with the coming of The MESSIAH). Most worldwide Ultra Orthodox Jews would be very hesitant to go in and try to change what The MOST HIGH has done and ordained for people in sin. They would not dare try to reverse it on their own.

    It seems that the settlement issue has not arisen because of the beliefs of truly religious people. It is a problem because a bunch of non-religious thieves are in the process of stealing huge blocks of land that belong to other people. They expect to holler that they are “Gawd’s Chosen People,” and therefore the world must sit back and allow them to have their way.

    My take? The true/religious Jews are right. YESHUA will make things right when HE comes.

    RD Bradshaw, Wadi Musa, Jordan


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