The 8th Day – The Last Feast is Just the Beginning

I had to ‘reblog’ this excellent article originally posted at “Messianic Sabbath” so that I can keep it available for more study. This is an outstanding study of the meaning, implications and promises of “The 8th Day” – enjoy!

Messianic Sabbath

penn-cove-etherealShemini Atzeret, or The 8th Day, is the last of the Lord’s Feast days on the calendar, following seven other Feasts and placed on the end of a seven-day Feast, Sukkot / the Feast of Tabernacles.

But the instructions for this day are a bit vague – it is to be a Sabbath with a holy convocation and an offering – much the same as the weekly Sabbath.  What’s the significance of this day?  In my study of this question, I was surprised at just how significant this day is.  It changed my whole understanding of not just the Fall Feasts, but all of the Feasts.  Instead of just an extra day of rest on the end, it has become the whole point of all the Feasts.  Here are the eight things I learned about The 8th Day.

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11 thoughts on “The 8th Day – The Last Feast is Just the Beginning”

  1. Thanks for sharing, Sue ❤ In a few weeks time, in our Bible study group someone will be teaching us about the feasts of the Lord. We are all from different denominations/faiths, not one 'Messianic' (including our facilitator), but all excited to incorporate the feasts into our calendar. God's Word has never been revealed so much as in these latter days!

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  2. Sue, thank you for reblogging this article. It was such a joy to research and have YHVH reveal one thing after another about this special day I have never quite understood before. I hope your readers will be equally blessed.

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    1. He really is the best teacher!!! May we all listen to His Voice more carefully!!!! Thanks again – I have certainly been blessed, not only by this article but by many of your other articles as well. Keep up the faithful work!


  3. And the blessings flows into my heart – YAHWEH has convinced me entirely that His Word IS the Word of life. I have linked to your blog Sue in my latest post “Loosing faith – Finding Yahweh”.
    Love you loads!

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    1. Dearest Lene, I just read your article “Loosing Faith – Finding Yahweh” ( and I was so thrilled to read how my simple little email message was used of Abba to bless and encourage you!!!! He is amazing – He can use such mundane things to bring about such incredible changes in our lives – Praise Him!!! Thank you so much for blessing ME!! Hoping to see you in Jerusalem SOON!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


      1. Thank you so much Sue. Reading the mail was Abba’s way to simply crack open my heart (again!) to His truth. The post doesn’t nearly describe what actually took place as I read, because I can’t explain it. For every word I felt more pulled in and closer to something I can only describe as grief. I literally wailed my way through it because my deepest longings were in those words and it is not yet attainable for me – but it’s what I want and it’s what God wants… The longing is too strong and I can’t handle it. So my prayer was “I want to touch the scroll” and “This is what I want” and when I got back on my feet and my heart rate back down to normal, it felt so easy to simply place that request in Abba’s hand and say “You got the flight plan!”… I hope this makes sense to you. It’s hard to fully explain. He truly overwhelmed me and then – as He does – lifted me back up. Good heavens how I love Him!! I so wanna see you in both Jordan and Jerusalem SOON!

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        1. I think I might understand, Lene. Your heart was ready and He responded! 🙂 Sometimes I think He could send someone to say something totally ‘meaningless’ in the normal sense of the word (like “Look, the sky is blue”), and if our heart and spirit is ready, He can use that to open us up to something critical / beautiful that He wants to share with us. HE IS SO GRACIOUS!!! So ready to work with us on our level!!! I am excited for you – You’ve surrendered the ‘flight plan’ to Him, and He does not waste any time, so stand by! The Word will begin ‘popping’ for you! Much love and many prayers, sweet sister!!! Be seeing you SOON!!! 🙂

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