The 8th Day – The Last Feast is Just the Beginning

I had to ‘reblog’ this excellent article originally posted at “Messianic Sabbath” so that I can keep it available for more study. This is an outstanding study of the meaning, implications and promises of “The 8th Day” – enjoy!

Messianic Sabbath

penn-cove-etherealShemini Atzeret, or The 8th Day, is the last of the Lord’s Feast days on the calendar, following seven other Feasts and placed on the end of a seven-day Feast, Sukkot / the Feast of Tabernacles.

But the instructions for this day are a bit vague – it is to be a Sabbath with a holy convocation and an offering – much the same as the weekly Sabbath.  What’s the significance of this day?  In my study of this question, I was surprised at just how significant this day is.  It changed my whole understanding of not just the Fall Feasts, but all of the Feasts.  Instead of just an extra day of rest on the end, it has become the whole point of all the Feasts.  Here are the eight things I learned about The 8th Day.

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A Yom Kippur Repentance From a Devout Non-Jew and My Jewish Response – Israel News

My thanks to Al McCarn (The Barking Fox Blog) for drawing my attention to the two letters that follow. They are a beautiful and welcome example of many remarkable exchanges that have been occurring between Judah and Ephraim in recent years, just as the prophets foretold. (Ezek 37 for example) We are watching His Plan unfold as HE intends it to. Praise Yah! May we humbly submit ourselves to HIS vision of reunification – not our own.

The Barking Fox

The Reconciliation Statute, St. Michael's Cathedral, Coventry, England.The Reconciliation Statute, St. Michael’s Cathedral, Coventry, England.

Many people realized the significance of Ken Rank’s letter to the Jewish people when he published it last week.  We have only begun to see the impact of it.  Within a few short days it appeared as a guest blog piece in The Times of Israel, and today Breaking Israel News published it along with a deeply moving response by Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz.

In years to come, when our God has completed His work of bringing together the fragmented parts of His people, these two letters by Ken and Eliyahu will be counted as major milestones in the process of breaking down the wall between those of us from the Christian side and our brethren from the Jewish side.

Source: A Yom Kippur Repentance From a Devout Non-Jew and My Jewish Response – Israel News

A Yom Kippur Repentance From…

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