JORDAN – We Can’t live on Air! (Part 2 of a Series)

Phil 4-17 bMost of the Americans here in Aqaba are gray-haired and living not on air, but on Social Security.   For folks like us, even though the budget may be tight, our basic income is essentially taken care of.  Frankly, we have it pretty easy.

But what about the younger people who are hearing the call to come to The Land?

Over the last year, Abba has begun calling younger people to Aqaba.  Understandably, their first and foremost concern is how they will support themselves and their families once they get here.

Our first response sounds pretty trite and self-righteously ‘super-spiritual,’ but the fact is that it is the ONLY valid response:

If Abba has genuinely called you to Aqaba, you can come here with the absolute confidence that He has prepared a way to provide for you!  Your job is to invest the time and energy to find the provision.

Of course, just GETTING HERE can be a stiff challenge!!!

We are aware of a number of families who have received the call, but who have not yet come for a variety of reasons.  In some cases, they need to sell large assets like homes and farms and have simply not been able to find buyers.  In some cases, they have family members who are dependent on them for specialized health care but who cannot come to Jordan themselves.  There are a number of other daunting obstacles that people have had to face, but the most common obstacle for most people is the issue of INCOME.

Seeing the target is the easy part. HITTING it is where it gets tricky. “I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Y’shua Messiah.” Phil 3:14

How will they provide for themselves and their families in a small city in a depressed economy in an unfamiliar culture that communicates in a language they don’t speak?

One precious family has a business that they intended to run via phone and internet from Jordan with ‘on the ground’ help from family members in the States.  Unfortunately, more issues arose than they could resolve from long distance, so they had to return to the States – at least temporarily.   Although at first blush this seems like a ‘failure’, the reality is that their experience has accumulated some valuable input for themselves and for other families who may want to try to run a businesses from here.  Like Thomas J. Watson once said:

“Would you like me to give you a formula for success?  It’s quite simple, really. Double your rate of failure.  You are thinking of failure as the enemy of success. But it isn’t at all.  You can be discouraged by failure or you can learn from it.  So go ahead and make mistakes.  Make all you can. Because remember that’s where you will find success.”Thomas J. Watson

There is so much truth in that statement.  Here in Jordan we have the opportunity to test its truth almost every day, and each time we do, we learn that our so-called failures are really opportunities to learn how to deal with more challenging issues further up the road.

Precept Upon PreceptAbba is faithfully teaching us, precept upon precept, and leading us, baby step by baby step, as far and as quickly as we are willing to go.  May we not become fearful or impatient and fretful, but be equally faithful to TRUST His leading!


The good news for young families is that for the first time, opportunities for work are beginning to be created by the faithful servants here.   We believe with all our hearts that Abba has called MORE of you to bring even better ideas into our little community!

Here are just THREE recent developments:

The Aqaba Gulf Learning Facility

Aqaba Gulf Learning FacilityAn ‘old-timer’ in the community (he’s lived in Aqaba for 6 years) has found the investors and other necessities to open up the Aqaba Gulf Learning Facility!  This is an amazing opportunity for everyone in the American community and for Aqabawi citizens.  The school will open on 1 September 2016.

AGLF is a school designed to offer Aqabawis the opportunity to learn languages (English and more) and other life skills valued in their culture from qualified teachers, thereby earning certificates that will enhance their education, their resumes, and ultimately their income and personal prestige.

The school is also intended to become a source of provision for the believers who come here.

Those courses need TEACHERS!

And those teachers will be PAID!

The knowledge of English is highly prized here, and parents will do just about anything to insure that their children learn it well.  In fact, education in general is highly prized, and unfortunately the current Jordanian schools are less effective than they would like to be.  AGLF wants to help fill in the gaps.

The government of Aqaba is very pleased at this outreach into their community, and they are doing all they can to assist.

Small BeginningsWe are starting small by offering the first classes to children, but the vision is large, and we need people to help us realize the vision.  We envision classes in technical skills like electrical and carpentry and plumbing; classes in computer skills; classes in bookkeeping and accounting, health care information, and on and on.

You may be just the person to offer some terrific ideas and expertise!

People who would like to teach in this school do need to be certified in their fields so that we can offer valid and valuable certificates to the students, but teacher certification here is not a terribly difficult process.  For example, to be able to teach English as a Second Language, one need only complete a 60-hour ONLINE course (cost, $300).   That’s not much of an investment of either time or money to be able to earn a living in a foreign country!

For other fields, having a BA or BS degree or proof of experience in a particular field is often all that is needed.  Each case would have to be individually considered, but if you have been called, the obstacles are ultimately no more than illusions.

Perhaps you have a valuable skill that would be gladly received in Aqaba?  You could work with the school administration to design a course, set a fee, and start teaching.  The opportunity is quite literally without limits!

If this is something that interests you, please contact me and I will put you in touch with the administrators.  (Please include your email address in your message.  It will not be published on the blog.)

Integrity 1st Energy Consultants

Integrity 1st Energy Consultants logoAnother very interesting development has come about through the efforts of a committed and successful community member who has been profitably operating his electricity-brokerage business from here in Aqaba for almost a year.

What does an electricity broker do?

In certain American states, electricity providers have been deregulated, and now businesses are allowed to ‘shop around’ for the best rates for their electricity needs.  This is where the electricity broker becomes useful.  He knows which companies are available in a given area, what their rates are, etc.   He helps a client find the best electricity contract for his needs.  In return, the electricity provider that serves the client also pays the broker a commission.  Each time the client renews his contract with one of the ten available electricity providers, the broker receives another commission.

Integrity 1st Energy Consultants was started about ten years ago and has been operating successfully since the beginning.   Now the owner wants to use the strong base he has established as a foundation for an internet-based version of the business and offer other believers the opportunity to work with him as electricity brokers.   He sees this as his opportunity to help build the Kingdom by creating an income-opportunity for those that Abba is sending to Aqaba.

If you have sales expertise, or even if you simply enjoy knowing that you’re helping someone to get what they need at a reasonable price, this might be a great opportunity for you.  If you’re interested in knowing more, please contact me and I will put you in touch with the owner.  (Please include your email address in your message.  It will not be published on the blog.)

Craig’s Wellness

My last example is not a business opportunity for others, but it is an example of what a bold and trusting believer can do when he is obedient to God’s call.

Craig RyanCraig is a personal trainer and health consultant who helps his clients identify the weak links in their efforts to maintain good health and then designs a personal health plan involving food (check out their wonderful cookbook, Offer the Best), exercise and whatever else is needed.  His delightful wife, Amy,  assists him in this business.  (He also works with clients through his web page, Craig’s Wellness.)

Here’s what you need to know about Craig and Amy: They are the parents of SEVEN young children, and they have brought their entire family over here simply out of obedience.  They did not ask God to provide a promise of income for them BEFORE they were obedient.  They obeyed, because He is GOD and you don’t argue with GOD when He gives a command!  They have learned that it is the obedient who see God WORK in their lives!

This is the only promise that Craig and Amy have or need:

Abba is faithful to the faithful.

Craig’s and Amy’s vision is to make health guidance available to those who need and desire it, and believe me, there is a huge need in Aqaba for their knowledge!  They have had struggle after struggle and battle after battle in their two months here, just trying to get settled.  It can be very discouraging, but they understand that they are trailblazers, and they are committed to fighting the fight.  Their success will be a beacon to other families.  I believe it is because of this that the enemy has fought them every step of the way.  Please pray for them!

Craig and Amy have no guarantees of success, but they do have the sure promise of Yah that He will meet their needs, and He has been doing just that for the last two months.  He will continue to do so, and in the meantime, He is using Craig and his family to teach the rest of us in the community about coming together and supporting one another.  What an incredibly important lesson that is for these last days!   I so greatly admire Craig and Amy because they are so willing to lay self and fear aside and just do what needs to be done.

Will they succeed?  I believe they already have!

Other Opportunities

There are plenty of other needs and opportunities here in Aqaba.

  • Are you musical?  There is an excellent Music Conservatory here that is always looking for instructors.  They don’t pay a lot, but they pay.  Some folks also earn money by giving private lessons.
  • Diving is a big deal around here – can you qualify as a dive instructor?
  • One lady we know earns supplemental income by baking bread – the local bread is pretty tasteless and hard, so there is real demand for her bread.
  • Another lady makes gorgeous greetings cards that we all look forward to getting – there are almost no greeting cards in the stores here.
  • Another lady makes beautiful soaps.
  • Do you have the means to rent a small shop and sell some of these items on behalf of the community?

persistenceOne of the couples who have been here longest (10 years) came when they were still in their working years.  They had pastored a fellowship in Texas, but then Abba called them to His Land.  They came with joy and empty pockets, along with the determination to do whatever it took to be able to stay here.  The work opportunity they thought they were coming to never developed.  They could have taken that as a ‘word’ to go home.  Instead, they obeyed Abba’s command to ‘come home’ and took every odd job they could find.  Among other things, they taught English in the International School and the Rosary School for years at the pitiful salary of $500 a month (both salaries combined).

They knew they were called, so they were serious about being obedient.  And Abba met every need.  They never went hungry.  They never went naked or without shelter. Along the way, they gave to others at every opportunity.

It wasn’t easy.

Abba rewarded their faithfulness by supplying every need.  They were even able to go to EVERY SINGLE PILGRIMAGE FEAST  –  EVERY SINGLE YEAR.  This will be their 11th year of celebrating all three Pilgrimage Feasts in Jerusalem – not a cheap or easy thing to do!  Their financial situation today is better than that of most of the rest of the community.  Their testimony of Yah’s faithfulness is their greatest joy.  John and I intend to follow their example!


Trust in Yahweh - He KnowsAbba knows our needs and has committed Himself to meeting them as we obey His loving instructions.  Someone once told me, “His Time, His Dime!”  In other words, when He gives an instruction and we obey it despite the lack of resources, it becomes HIS responsibility to provide the ‘dime.’

Are we as committed to obeying Him as He is to caring for us?

Abba also knows our fears.  I have to remind myself that fear is an emotion – not a reality.  It is based in a lack of absolute conviction of the reality that Abba truly loves me and is truly dependable.  I want to say with John the apostle,

We know how much God loves us, and we have put our trust in his love.    (1 John 4:16 )

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10 thoughts on “JORDAN – We Can’t live on Air! (Part 2 of a Series)”

    1. I’d really be interested to see the link you were looking at. Hubby and I just did searches and found no change from the 1 JOD to $1.40. Here is one of the entries I found: Welcome to the JOD USD history summary. This is the Jordanian Dinar (JOD) to US Dollar (USD) exchange rate history summary page, detailing 180 days of JOD USD historical data from Monday 4/01/2016 to Wednesday 29/06/2016
      Highest: 1.4184 USD on 12 Mar 2016. — Average: 1.4113 USD over this period. — Lowest: 1.4009 USD on 27 Feb 2016.


      1. Hi Sue, just type “1 dollar to jordanian dinar” in Google, and then a converter in a box will appear on top of the list of the other currency converter websites (so I didn’t go further than the Google page).

        For the PPP, here’s the site: –I don’t know if the site is reliable, but it’s the only one I found (the Big Mac Index converter does not include Jordan in the list). Alternatively, you might want to compute manually (I’d be of no help here 🙂 ) –there are several formulae published online. Stay blessed! 🙂 xx

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        1. Thanks – I found it. My question is, when they say “In United States, 2.94 USD will allow you to buy the same things you’d buy with 1.00 JOD in Jordan,” are they referring to specific BRANDS or to general categories of ‘things’? For example, if I were to purchase American Oreo cookies here, I would pay close to $8 US for them!! On the other hand, there are plenty of other brands which sell for 2.5 JOD (the equivalent of $3.50 US according to the rate of 1 JOD to $1.40 US) – and this is what I would normally pay for the average cookie package in America. We consistently see this ratio over here – if it is an AMERICAN product, we will pay 1 1/2X to 2X compared to what we would have paid in the States, but all OTHER national brands we will generally pay very close to what we would have paid in the States. And when our money is converted by the banks here, they use the 1 JOD to $1.40 US ratio. Overall, we feel like our buying power is better here than in the States.


          1. Hi Sue. I’ll try my best to explain–this might be a bit beyond me! 🙂 But I think you’ve just touched on one of the issues of PPP. It uses a “typical basket of goods”. This basket of goods contains the most basic goods one needs to lives on, in a day–I assume. The goods would of course include food, as well as other commodities and services. Recently I think they’ve also added electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, etc. (many times I’ve made searches on what EXACTLY are in the basket, but I have found none–and this is actually one of the issues).

            The “basket of goods” is the basket of goods in America–and this is used across the board in calculating the international poverty line (IPL) of each country. But are the people in these countries putting the same in their baskets were they to do their own shopping, in their villages? And if they do–as you said, would it be the same BRAND, if they have those brands to begin with? And what about basic goods they get for free in their country, which one would normally pay for in America?

            Other issues, I think, would include the PPP not being updated frequently (although I thought it should as it’s also used to calculate annual inflation)–in a publication by ADB in 2014 (this is a downloadable pdf on the net–but I can’t remember the title), they were pushing for a review in the “basket of goods”, and, I think to stop using the PPP2005 but the most recent which is PPP2009(?) (but I checked the World Bank site yesterday and they seem to be still using 2005’s?; also, take note that the IPL is no longer $1.25, but was recently updated to $1.90). Anyway, what these all means is if you compute the IPL for Jordan (in PPP), you might come up with a figure that is not realistic anymore, but may have applied a few years back. So if anyone in Jordan wants to know if s/he is living below the poverty line–the best thing to do is check the NATIONAL poverty line (produced by each government), as these gets updated more regularly, and are usually pegged HIGHER than the IPL.

            But I’m glad we really don’t have to worry about these things–ain’t we blessed we have a rich Father!

            I’ll bring you Oreos when I see you!!!!!! 🙂 ❤

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  1. HI Sue!! This has been so helpful! Love the details! We are seeing some potential movement on the radar so this has been so encouraging for us. We miss you dearly, even tho we only met briefly it feels like we had known each other a life time. Praying Yah will carry out His plan for our family and we will be reunited soon! Praying for you all. Keep up the great work! Amy told me of your blog I am so grateful!
    Dina and Carden Clan

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Dina!! We pray for you all quite often, and the other folks here know about you and are praying, too 🙂 He knows your hearts and will get you here – His Way, His Time!!! Thanks so much for the encouraging words. I worry about getting too detailed, but really am just answering the questions we had to ask and the questions we hear from others. Thanks again! ❤


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