Jerusalem - Eastern Wall
The Eastern Wall of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, with a view of the Eastern Gate, through which Messiah will enter the City.

A few days ago, we had the incredible privilege of commemorating Messiah’s death and resurrection (pictured in the Passover Feast) in Yerushalayim (Jerusalem).  We also had the delight and privilege of meeting again with James and Liz Block, believers who live in Jerusalem and founders of of Selah Worship Music.  James told us of a fresh and exciting understanding that Abba has given him.

James is an anointed worship leader, song writer and minister of the Faith, greatly assisted by Liz (pronounced Leez).  They have faithfully ministered year after year at each of the Pilgrimage Feasts in Yerushalayim, and have become more and more conscious of the special place that Yerushalayim has, not only in YHVH’s Heart, but also in His Plan.

Recently the Holy Spirit inspired James to do an in-depth study about Yerushalayim, and that study led him to a new and unexpected understanding of the place that the Holy City has in Abba’s Plan of Redemption and the establishment of His Kingdom.  Below is the letter that James wrote to a number of his friends to share what he has learned.  (Thanks so much, James, for so graciously permitting me to publish your letter at this blog.)

As you read James’s letter, remember that YHVH’s Plan rarely unfolds in the ways we expect it to!  If there are new concepts here (as I am sure you will discover), please don’t push them aside without prayerful consideration.  Do your own study, if only to prove James wrong (I suspect you will not be able to do that, but you can TRY!)

May you be blessed with the same strong and exciting VISION that James has imparted to us!


I woke up one morning with the Father’s bold and clear words ringing in my spirit.  He said, “I’m going to Exalt Jerusalem!”  He didn’t say that He “wanted to” or “hoped to” but that He was “going to.”  There was an incredible determination in His voice and I knew that no one and nothing would stop Him.

But what did He mean?  That He was going to make Jerusalem even more famous?  That He would do incredible miracles of healing here, and that there would be a great revival here?

I believe it is all of this, but I didn’t really know what He meant fully until I started doing a study on Jerusalem.  At that point, I realized just how much of scripture is devoted to the subject of Yerushalayim (Jerusalem) or Zion, and to a special time in the near future when YHWH will establish Yerushalayim as His Throne on Earth.

Once you begin to focus on this place and time, you literally see it referenced, referred and alluded to everywhere in scripture and not just in the books of the prophets.  Just do a Bible search of the words ‘Jerusalem’ or ‘Zion’ and you will know what I mean.

I do not have the space or time to quote every scripture but the purpose of this letter is to portray the vision as described in the scripture.  When something is repeated that much, it should definitely get our attention and turn our focus.

So what is this vision or focus?:  The establishing of the Throne of YHWH in Yerushalayim (Jer 3:17-18, Psalm 2:6, Psalm 122:5). 

Another way to look at this is like a wedding:  Yahushua (Yeshua) talks about this wedding a few times (Matt 22, Matt 25).  In fact, in Isaiah 62:4-5 it says that the land itself in Yerushalayim will be married.

Thou [Yerushalayim] shall no more be termed Forsaken; neither shall thy land any more be termed Desolate: but thou shalt be called Hephzibah, and thy land Beulah: for YHWH delighteth in thee, and thy land shall be married.  For as a young man marrieth a virgin, so shall thy sons marry thee: and as the bridegroom rejoiceth over the bride, so shall thy God rejoice over thee.  Isaiah 62:4-5

In other words, Heaven will be become one with Earth on that little Piece of Land in Israel called Jerusalem.  It will be such a special place that the people who dwell there will live to hundreds of years of age because of the canopy or chuppah (כבוד חפה) of glory that will cover it (Isa 4:5, Isa 65:20).  The chuppah in Isa 4:5 is another reference to a wedding.  That is an interesting study in itself!

So from this passage we could say that the Bride (the one most intimate with the King) is actually Yerushalayim and all those who will dwell there.

Jerusalem the bride rev 21

The scriptures also focus on the revealing of the Messiah in Yerushalayim because He is the one who will sit on that throne – the throne of His Father David – as King of Israel ruling over the earth from Yerushalayim.  ‘The Redeemer will come to Zion.’  (Isa 59:20)

Yahushua is the Redeemer who will reveal Himself as the Messiah to Judah (Zech 12:10-13:1; Isa 52:6,10; Isa 40:9-11), like Yosef (Joseph) revealed himself to his brothers.   He will take the veil off his face for Judah and Ephraim, but to the nations of the world He will reveal Himself through a Great War where He destroys the nations that come against Jerusalem (Zech 14:2-4, Isa 31:4-8, Oba 1).

We are waiting for that great battle, a great slaughter or sacrifice like the slaughter of the firstborn in the time of the Exodus (Isaiah 34:6-8, Isa 63, Rev 19:17-21).  The point of this battle is ‘that they may know that you, whose name alone is YHWH, are the most high over all the earth.’ (Psalm 83:18)  That is the same purpose YHWH had in the first Exodus and will also have in the second… to reveal Himself to His people and to the world (Ezek 38:23, Ezek 39:7).

YHWH also will roar from Zion, And utter His voice from Jerusalem’… and… When He roars, Then His sons shall come trembling from the west… (Joel 3:16, Hosea 11:10).

People will be shocked because they see Yahushua as just a spiritual or religious leader, but not as a General of War or the King with real physical power and great authority.  It is for good reason that is says in Psalm 2:

Yet I have set My King on My holy hill of Zion. . . You shall break them with a rod of iron; You shall dash them to pieces like a potter’s vessel. . . Serve YHWH with fear, and rejoice with trembling.  Kiss the Son, lest He be angry.  (Psalm 2:6, 9, 11-12)

Yahushua will rule over the house of Ya’akov and ‘He will set up a banner for the nations [in Yerushalayim] and will assemble the outcasts of Israel, and gather together the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the earth.’ (Isaiah 11:12Isaiah 11 is all about Yahushua, who is the Root of Jesse, the Redeemer, the Branch and the Banner.

Also, in Jeremiah 23:5 He talks again about the Branch, Yahushua, who is raised up for the House of David.

I will raise up to David a Branch of righteousness; A King shall reign and prosper, and execute judgment and righteousness in the earth.  In His days Judah will be saved, and Israel will dwell safely. (Jer 23:5)

The passage goes on to say that the Second Exodus will be greater than the First!  So we also see the connection with this revelation of the King to the Second Exodus.  In fact it is Yahushua Himself, the Son of Man, who ‘will send his angels… and they will gather His elect from the four winds,’ and that doesn’t even happen until He first comeson the clouds of heaven, with power and great glory.’ (Matt 24:30-31)

Yahushua is the Redeemer and King of both Judah and Ephraim and He is the ONE who will gather us together with a great display of power like there was in Egypt.

Oh, that the salvation of Israel would come out of Zion!  When Elohim brings back the captivity of His people, Let Ya’akov rejoice and Yisrael be glad! (Psalm 53:6)

Yahushua is also referred to as the Strong Arm of YHWH that will ‘rule for Him.’ (Isa 40:10)  YHWH will ‘make bare His Holy Arm in the eyes of all the nations.’ (Isa 52:10, Psalm 118:15-16, Isa 63:5,6)  He is the only one who can defeat the armies that are about to gather against us.  He is the only one that will lead us into battle and cause us to win.   He is the only one with the Government on His shoulders.  (Isa 9:6-7, Luke 1:31-33).

I think it is important to point out that when we speak of the revealing of Yahushua in Yerushalayim, we are not talking about something revealed to us in the spirit.  It is not just another revival or ‘move of the Spirit.’   It is a specific time, place and person.  This same Yahushua who came to this earth as flesh and blood 2000 years ago is the same one who will be great, and will be called the Son of the Highest, and YHWH Elohim will give Him the throne of His father David.   He will reign over the house of Ya’acov forever, and of His Kingdom there will be no end.’ (Luke 1:31-33, also see Isa 9:6-7)  Gabriel the messenger was clearly speaking to Miriam about that person, Yahushua, who was born in the flesh, not some spirit.

Also, in the same way that ‘this same Yahushua’ ascended physically from the Mount of Olives, so will He return in like manner as you saw Him go into heaven.’  (Acts 1:11)   ‘And in that day His feet will stand on the Mount of Olives.’ (Zech 14:4)  Just to make sure we don’t over-spiritualize this event by thinking the Mount of Olives is some metaphysical place in the spirit realm or think it is about the ‘Spiritual New Jerusalem,’ Zechariah continues to specify ‘the Mount of Olives which faces Jerusalem on the East.’

Job also said, For I know that my Redeemer lives, And He shall stand at last on the earth; And after my skin is destroyed, this I know, That in my flesh I shall see God. (Job 19:25,26)  Job makes it clear that in our flesh we will see our Redeemer, not just in our spirit.

It was also important to the Apostle John that we understand that he had physically seen, heard and touched the Risen Yahushua (1 John 1:1), because that is the same One Who we will see, hear and touch.  Also, in Isaiah 52:8 it says that the watchmen will see YHWH ‘eye to eye’ when He returns to Tzion.  And finally, the Apostle Paul said, ‘For now we see in a mirror, dimly, but then face to face.’ (1 Cor 13:12)

According to the truth in scripture, I believe that the Revelation of Yahushua in Yerushalayim is to be our Highest goal and our Highest prayer (Isa 62) because nothing that we build will have any lasting strength if Yahushua is not the cornerstone.  And remember: That cornerstone is being laid in Zion (Yerushalayim) – not anywhere else.  (Isa 28:16, Psalm 118:22)

No present ministry, organization or work of man will be able to compare to that revelation.  None of our efforts to teach about Hebrew Roots or to regather the lost house of Israel will compare to what the revelation of Yahushua from Yerushalayim will accomplish.

I believe that it is therefore most important that we keep our eyes and prayers most focused on that vision and revelation. (Isa 62:1-12)

For Zion’s sake I will not hold My peace, and for Jerusalem’s sake I will not rest, Until her righteousness goes forth as brightness, and her salvation as a lamp that burns.  The Gentiles shall see your righteousness and all kings your glory.  (Isa 62:1-2)

In Titus 2:13, Paul calls this vision of the appearing of our Great Elohim and Saviour Yahushua, our ‘blessed hope.

Without the vision for Yerushalayim as our capital city and Yahushua as the Head of Israel’s Government, any restoration movement can quickly become strictly political Zionism, like it was and is for the Jews.

And, if we force this movement to be mostly political and snip out everything that is from Heaven, then we will snip out Yahushua.   Yahushua is our connection to the Throne of YHWH in heaven, and Yerushalayim will soon be YHWH’s heavenly throne manifested on Earth.

The restoration of the Kingdom to Israel is all about the establishing of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.  It is about the Kingdoms of the world becoming the Kingdoms of our Elohim (Rev 11:15).   We cannot settle for anything less.

When Yahushua is the King in Jerusalem and in Judah, THEN the two sticks will truly be one.  If we make the reunification of the two nations (sticks) our main goal before Yahushua reveals Himself to Judah, then we may have to leave the King of Kings behind and we could be very ashamed on that day when He reveals Himself to Judah and the world.  (Zech 12:10-13:1, Isa 52:6, 10, Isa 40:9-11)

O Zion, You who bring good tidings, Get up into the high mountain; O Jerusalem, You who bring good tidings, Lift up your voice with strength, Lift it up, be not afraid; Say to the cities of Judah, “Behold your Elohim!” Behold, YHWH shall come with a strong hand, And His arm shall rule for Him; Behold, His reward is with Him, And His work before Him. He will feed His flock like a shepherd; He will gather the lambs with His arm, And carry them in His bosom, And gently lead those who are with young. (Isa 40:9-11).

It shall be in that day that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem. And I will pour on the house of David and on the inhabitants of Jerusalem the Spirit of grace and supplication; then they will look on Me whom they pierced.  Yes, they will mourn for Him as one mourns for his only son, and grieve for Him as one grieves for a firstborn. In that day there shall be a great mourning in Jerusalem, like the mourning at Hadad Rimmon in the plain of Megiddo (Zech 12:10-11).

The question then, is, “How do we prepare for the coming of Mashiach Ben David to Yerushalayim?
I believe one of the best ways is to begin to gather in Yerushalayim for the feasts as much as possible.

All the major revivals in Israel’s history included a return to celebrating the feasts in Yerushalayim (2 Chron 30, 2 Kings 23:20-25, Ezra 3).  The next revival that prepares the way for Yahushua will be the same.

If finances are the problem, we are instructed to set aside a portion of our tithe for expenses during the feasts in Yerushalayim.

You shall truly tithe all the increase of your grain that the field produces year by year.  And you shall eat before YHWH your God, in the place where He chooses to make His name abide, the tithe of your grain and your new wine and your oil, of the firstborn of your herds and your flocks, that you may learn to fear YHWH your God always.  But if the journey is too long for you, so that you are not able to carry the tithe, or if the place where YHWH your God chooses to put His name is too far from you, when YHWH your God has blessed you, then you shall exchange it [your tithe] for money, take the money in your hand, and go to the place which YHWH your God chooses [Yerushalayim].  And you shall spend that money for whatever your heart desires: for oxen or sheep, for wine or similar drink, for whatever your heart desires; you shall eat there before YHWH your God, and you shall rejoice, you and your household.  (Deut. 14:22-26)

And if we still can’t go, then we can give our tithe to someone in our fellowship who can!

Jeroboam - it is too much
The enemy used Jeroboam to keep Yah’s people away from His Holy City. He convinced them that it was “too much” to be expected of them to go all the way to Jerusalem. So they stopped going and they fell into idolatry and were taken into captivity. When they returned, Hezekiah invited them to come and worship in Jerusalem, promising them that “if ye turn again unto YHVH, your brethren and your children shall find compassion before them that lead them captive, so that they shall come again into this land: for YHVH your God is gracious and merciful, and will not turn away his face from you, if ye return unto him.” (2Chron 30:9)
I can assure you that when the Jewish people see more and more of us coming regularly to celebrate the feasts in Yerushalayim, they will take notice and will declare with joyful lips that the Mashiach is coming!   This is the best way to begin to bring the two sticks together and to restore unity, trust, and fellowship with our brother, Judah (and with each other).

This is also one of the ways we can be ready and watching for the wedding that will be consummated in Yerushalayim.

I felt it would be fitting to summarize what has been said with a declaration of Faith from Scripture:

We declare that you, Yahushua, son of David, are King over all Israel. We believe that You are the Son of Elohim, the One who is chosen and anointed by YHWH as King and therefore we acknowledge You as our head and no other.

We believe that Your Kingdom and government is a true representation of YHWH’s throne in heaven and You are coming in person to set up this government on earth: A real government with real power and authority and with a real army, for You are YHWH Tzeva’ot (Lord of Armies).  

We declare that Yerushalayim is the location of your throne, and not only our capital city but the joy of the whole earth.

We long for the promise of your appearing and for you to judge the corrupt governments and religious systems of the earth. We long for you to reveal your strong arm in the sight of all the nations, that they may know that your name is YHWH and that you alone are Elohim. Do not delay your coming!

Oh that You would rend the heavens! That You would come down!…To make Your name known to Your adversaries, That the nations may tremble at Your presence  (Isa 64). 

Baruch Haba, Yahushua, bashem YHWH. Blessed are you, Yahushua, who comes in the name of YHWH.  Only you can bring lasting peace for you are the Sar Shalom (Prince of Peace) and only you are worthy to receive power and riches and wisdom, and strength and honour and glory and blessing!

Blessings from Yerushalayim,



© James Block, Sue Wyatt and The Lamb’s Servant Blog, 2016.  Permission to use and/or duplicate original material on The Lamb’s Servant Blog is granted, provided that full and clear credit is given to James Block, Sue Wyatt  and The Lamb’s Servant Blog, with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.



  1. Looking forward to that day is what gives me so much hope in this life (one could really get so hopeless with ungodly and uncaring politicians and their bad governance)–when the Messiah returns to govern, from Jerusalem, the whole earth. And then the new earth, and the new Jerusalem coming down from heaven….

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  2. Reblogged this on natsab and commented:
    We’ll be at Sukkot in Yerushalayim this year for the very reasons James says so…. Personally, I want to be there when Mashiach comes!!

    Deeply [ponder James’ specific action steps…

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  3. This writing confirms pretty much what I saw several years ago when I had my, “ahh ha!” moment concerning Isaiah 62. Prior to reading and getting that notion of JERUSALEM being the bride of Messiah, I had always heard that it was believers / saints / Christians, what have you, that were to actually (physically) be married to Jesus. Always thought that sounded strange and just didn’t feel right. Anyway, I think James did a great job of articulating his thoughts on sequence and how this might all come down. I definitely agree with his implication that there are some things that just can’t be forced before Messiah returns, and probably shouldn’t be. On the other hand, I don’t think it is wrong to try to improve relations and build some bridges along the way.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your comment, Don. The whole “bride” topic has been ‘bugging” me for several months now, but time simply has not permitted a careful study of the topic. When James mentioned his understanding at our meeting in Yerushalayim, the Spirit immediately confirmed its validity to me, and since then I have been anxious to do my own study.

      Thanks for the encouragement to “build some bridges” while at the same time staying sensitive to the Ruach’s work. It is human nature to get in His way, so it is our constant prayer that we will COOPERATE with Him while not interfering with Him! Be blessed, brother, and thanks for your insightful comments.


  4. Glad to see James referring to Yerushalayim as the Bride. I have been teaching this over here at the ends of the earth for a while. It is not something people want to see. Most of the references to the Wedding depict us a Friends of the Groom. Try reading Song of Songs with Yerushalayim in mind as the Bride. Amazing!

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  5. Reblogged this on The Well Trodden Road and commented:
    What a wonderful study by James Block on Jerusalem. Yes–those who sigh and cry over the abominations done in Jerusalem, will be marked as per Ezekiel 9:4. Jerusalem is the place Yahuweh has put His Name which He also does to mark the bride for His Son so she is identified as belonging to Him. The bride of Messiah and Jerusalem are synonymous, as she has prepared herself in complete loyalty to her Bridegroom–refusing to forsake Him–therefore He forsakes her not…For where the Bridegroom is, the bride is there too–abiding forever in the ‘new’ Yerushalayim!

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