When was Yeshua Born?

"The Angel Gabriel Appearing to Zacharias" William Blake
“The Angel Gabriel Appearing to Zacharias” – William Blake

Can we know for sure when Jesus was born? Yes, we do know – the scriptures tell us plainly. Would it surprise you to learn that He was NOT born in December? Enjoy this article by Al McCarn of The Barking Fox Blog:

Silent Night in September


Call to Action

Faith is an action – it is what we DO because of what we believe. My faith is often more mental and verbal than active. Having recently had the privilege of meeting Christian refugees from Iraq and learning of all that they have suffered for their faith in Messiah, I was hit hard by this article posted by Nancy Ryall of the “Missing Pieces” blog, in which she offers both gentle rebuke and strong encouragement. May our faith grow hands and feet!

Missing Pieces

not everyoneOur role as followers of Yeshua is to be an active role. Even the Hebrew language is an active language with the emphasis on verbs rather than nouns.  Yeshua modeled the type of action He expects to see from each of us.  He taught, healed, encouraged, fed the hungry, and admonished wayward leaders, even at the cost of His life.

Many disciples of Yeshua in our culture have devoted themselves almost exclusively to improving themselves and studying Scripture. These things are undoubtedly important, but there must be a healthy balance between improving self and helping others. We are required to meditate on and study Scripture, but it is useless if we do not also live it (James 1:22).

In His Sermon on the Mount, Yeshua describes those who will be welcomed into His Kingdom.

“Then the King will say to those on His right, ‘Come, you who are blessed of…

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