view of the city
This lovely view was taken from Eilat, Israel, looking across the Gulf of Aqaba toward the city of Aqaba.  The mountains make an impressive backdrop for the city, and the Gulf provides a beautiful ‘front porch'[, not to mention providing lovely breezes that comfort Aqaba on the hottest of days.

Yes, we live in Aqaba, Jordan now!!  It all happened rather suddenly and unexpectedly!!

At the request of a number of our friends and readers, here are some photos and a little information about our new city and homeland.   🙂  Continue reading AQABA, JORDAN???


Fear … Anxiety … Worry

Perfect Love
Image:, as accessed at Lightwriters ( — One shall never fear Who conquers With perfect love ♥ 2015 S. Michaels Ambrosia (micro haiku)

Recently, it seems that many folks are experiencing fear or anxiety of one sort or another.   It certainly has crept up on me a time or two!   Admittedly, the world we live in gives us lots of reasons to fear.   Nevertheless, the scriptures tell us that fear of anything (other than the sovereign authority of YHVH) has no place in the life and emotions of a believer. Continue reading Fear … Anxiety … Worry

Equality, Fairness and Me

This is one of the ‘fairest’ and most objective discussions of the topic of fairness and equality that I have ever seen, and is well worth a careful reading with some sincere, meditative prayer.

We are called to abandon our ways and be conformed to His Ways, which are so radically different from those of human nature that many (most!) of us spend a lifetime trying to get the ‘old man’ unplugged so that we can plug in to His ways. May we all take a fresh look at the way we walk out the Father’s desires for His children!

Navigating by Faith

© Can Stock Photo Inc. / Bialasiewicz © Can Stock Photo Inc. / Bialasiewicz

I recently read an article on equality and fairness titled, surprisingly, People Don’t Actually Want Equality, by Paul Bloom published October 22, 2015, in the Atlantic. This seems like an heretical statement in the home of the brave and the land of the free where we grew up on a diet of equal rights. Of course, equality will never happen. Genes, heritage, place of birth, physical and mental disabilities and other things we do not control frustrate true equality.

The evidence in the article suggests we do not even really want equality. Studies show that “younger children actually have an anti-equality bias” and prefer distributions where they get a relative advantage.” One for you, two for me, sits well with the one who gets two. Small children and primates will complain bitterly if they get less, but are perfectly satisfied to receive…

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