…keep the commandments….

I love this poster, but wanted to add a little note of explanation: The word translated as “commandments” is naturally understood by those of us in the church as “The Ten Commandments.”  WRONG!

I was surprised to learn that the word translated here as ‘commandments’ is the Greek word entolē and is the same word used in the Septuagint to refer to the 613  Torah instructions!

Gesenius’s Hebrew-Chaldee Lexicon informs us that the meaning of the word is: “what God prescribes in the law of Moses; … esp. of particular precepts of this law as distinguished from (the Law) their body or sum.”

In other words, the commandments that Y’shua is speaking of are the individual instructions that are part of the larger body of The Law.  This is only one of quite a few different places where Y’shua makes it clear that He intends for His people to be Torah observers.


Another good one from Steve King…



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YouVersion, Romans 1:16 and the Gospel of the Kingdom

Pete Rambo (author of the blog ‘natsab’) offers us a chance to carefully consider The Gospel that Yeshua/Jesus and the apostles taught – the message of The Kingdom. Well done, Pete!


Every day, YouVersion has a ‘Scripture of the Day.’  Most are ‘vanilla verses’ that I might read while surfing in or out of the program for some other purpose such as making a Scripture image or conducting a little guerrilla operation behind Christendom lines… 😉  Occasionally, one of the verses will catch my eye and start a thought trail.

Romans 1:16 was a recent verse most students of Scripture have memorized,

image_editor_144230710317216 For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.

I was raised believing this verse and Paul’s ministry in general, as well as Messiah’s work in particular was all about personal salvation.  But, is that really why He came?  Certainly, it is part of the mission of Yeshua/Jesus, but was that His primary ministry?

Why would…

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