Community and the Regathering of Ephraim

Community – a crucial issue for Messiah’s people, since we are called to love and encourage. Can’t do that unless you’re in regular contact! Whenever we talk to Hebrew Roots people, it isn’t long before we hear a statement along the line of, “We feel so isolated. We’d love to be able to live among or at least near other believers.” This is such a common refrain that I cannot help but believe it is a longing placed in our hearts by The Spirit. Pete Rambo (natsab blog) has written a very intriguing article concerning his own thoughts and experiences regarding Community. Enjoy, and perhaps be inspired!


Some would call it synchronicity, I would point to the Ruach (Spirit).  This week has pulled together several very interesting threads that I’d like to share.

En GediFor years, we have desired to live in community with like-minded Torah pursuant followers of Yeshua.  In fact, even before we began keeping the Feasts of Yehovah, the doorway through which we became aware of all of our Father’s commands, we were in regular conversation with some friends bantering ideas about how to come together in community.  I was raised on the missionfield in Colombia, SA living in a community of 60 or so families on several hundred acres hued from the jungle.  To me, the Biblical model has always been a close-knit body of believers functioning as a clan or family.

Recently, I have read and been promoting Al McCarn‘s new book, Give Me A Place Where I May Dwell in preparation…

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