Time to Come Home!

Hanoch Young, Tour guide and friend of Ephraim
Hanoch Young, Tour guide and friend of Ephraim

The following letter is from our friend, Hanoch Young in Israel.  We are very excited that Hanoch will not only be a speaker at the First Ephraimite/Northern Israel National Congress in Israel (that we will be attending), but Hanoch will also be so kind as to spend a few days before the Congress guiding us and some friends around Israel!   

There are two reasons that make this a special blessing:

  • First, Hanoch is a licensed tour guide, which in Israel is a big deal, requiring two full years of training.  He has been guiding for a number of years now, and he knows his stuff.   The itinerary he has planned for us is breathtaking!  He will be taking us to sights that are associated with the Ten Tribes – we will be studying and praying our way through Israel. This will truly be the opportunity of a lifetime!
  • Hanoch Young Tour Guide 2Secondly, and for us the most important reason, is that Hanoch’s ministry is to call Ephraim [1] home!  Hanoch is an Orthodox Jew, and YHVH has given him a tender heart toward little brother Ephraim, so Hanoch is doing everything he can to help Ephraim understand who he is and where he belongs.  Of course a great many of Ephraim are Christians, but Hanoch has no desire to convert Y’shua’s talmidim to Judaism – he is being led of the Spirit simply to help Ephraim be reunited with big brother Judah.  He is at the forefront of the restoration of the Ten Tribes.  He understands Christians and Hebrew Roots believers and wants to help us.

Together, Hanoch and his American messianic friend Ken Rank have founded an organization called United2Restore, whose purpose they describe as

… a mission, even a vision, to unite those who identify with the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and His Israel.  While we understand there will always be diversity of opinion and we acknowledge each individual’s right to come to their own understanding, we hold the view that Judah (the Jewish people) and Ephraim (found mainly within Christianity), after 2700 years apart, are slowly being drawn toward each other and will soon return to a land promised as one United House of Israel.  [2]

United2restore parade

Because much of Hanoch’s ministry involves traveling internationally to speak to Christian and Messianic groups, when he is traveling, he can’t work.   That makes earning a living a little tough, and he has a family to support.  As an alternative approach, we are trying to alert believers to an amazing opportunity they have to make use of Hanoch’s services in Israel while learning more about their Hebrew Roots and how they can be part of Israel.
There are several videos of Hanoch’s appearances at various fellowships, and it is well worth your time to watch one or two of them.  Here a couple you will enjoy.  🙂
Here is what Hanoch wants to share:
 As a Licensed Tour Guide, I have the privilege of meeting people visiting Israel all the time.  Without a doubt, people don’t simply “decide” to come to Israel, they are called to come to Israel; they are drawn here.  I firmly believe that if you connect with the Land, the Land will connect with you…
Yerushalayim paintingMike Clayton and I have designed the most unique and amazing Israel experience – the Connect to Israel tour – 9 full days in the Land, unlike any other tour on the market.  This isn’t your standard, “see the Holy sites” tour – it’s total focus is to connect you with the Land of Israel – ancient and modern and the Jewish people.  We spend our first two days in the Shomron – aka Samaria, the Biblical Heartland.  You will actually be able to meet people from various Jewish communities and be able to form bonds of friendship that will last forever.  
It’s the kind of incredible experience that changes people’s lives; nothing less…  And with Mike and I, it’s literally being able to walk the Land of Israel with an Tanach [3] in your hand, being led by both “Judah” and “Ephraim.”  There are many tours to Israel – but, no other experiences like ours…you will learn to live the United 2 Restore concept of mutual respect for the reconciliation and restoration of ALL of Israel.
Hanoch Young Tour GuideIt’s time for you to come to Israel – don’t put it off for “some other year” – do it now, and listen to your heart.  Come HOME to where your heart belongs – come to Israel…  Please go to my website, www.Kolyehuda.com, and click on the Upcoming Tours section – you will find the full itinerary and a registration form.  Looking forward to seeing all of you here, in the Chosen Land!  

[1]  ‘Ephraim’ is a general name for the Ten Dispersed Tribes as well as their ‘companions’ (gentiles who have come into the Covenant).  In scripture, the name ‘Ephraim’ is sometimes applied to the Ten Tribes because it was the House of Ephraim which had the right to rule the Northern Kingdom of Israel, the kingdom of the Ten Tribes.  Scripture is full of YHVH’s promises to bring Ephraim ‘home’ to Israel in the latter days.  In 1948, He officially brought the tribe of Judah home.  After Jerusalem was restored to the Jews in 1967, the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) began calling the Ten Tribes and their companions, as well.  The movement began slowly but has really been picking up steam in the last 20 years.  Hanoch is among the first orthodox Jews to recognize and be willing to acknowledge Ephraim.  Just as Joseph did not ‘look’ or ‘sound’ Jewish when he revealed himself to his brothers, in the same way Ephraim certainly doesn’t ‘look’ Jewish at all any more, but comes in every color of the spectrum and  from every conceivable religious background, making their absorption into Judah less than a  simple matter.
[2]  Taken from their ‘About‘ page at the United2Restore web site.
[3]  Old Testament

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