2 March 1925 – Letter of Invitation to the First International Hebrew Christian Alliance Conference Issued – #otdimjh

Judah has been faithful to lead the way in cultivating community and service among his brethren. 90 years ago, our messianic brethren made the first move to unite their fellows in the faith, not just locally but world-wide. That union has been successful and productive. As Ephraim takes his first faltering steps to do the same – also on a world-wide scale – we would do well to follow in the footsteps of Judah, who has over 2000 years of experience in maintaining a cohesive community while scattered abroad.

On This Day In Messianic Jewish History


Hugh Schonfield wrote in The History of Jewish Christianity:

The initiative was taken by the Hebrew Christian Alliance of America (founded in 1915). They suggested as a preliminary measure the convening of an International Hebrew Christian Conference. Mark John Levy crossed the Atlantic several times in the interests of the proposal. After protracted discussion and correspondence with the British Hebrew Christian Alliance (founded in 1866), a joint letter of invitation was sent to Hebrew Christians in all parts of the world. In its way, the letter was as significant as that famous epistle to the Gentile believers issued by the first Council of Jerusalem (Acts 15). It was dated for March, 1925 [exact date not given], and read as follows:


Dear brethren in the Lord Jesus our Messiah,  

We, members of the Hebrew Christian Alliances of Great Britain and America send you hearty greetings. [124]

Since the…

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