Abiding In His Love

“Cold Waters for a Thirsty Land” has a knack of giving us a quick but thorough overview of scriptures that make us stop and rethink our personal paradigm of God’s Truth. In this article he discusses what the Father and the Son meant when they spoke of “the commandments.” Well done!

Cold Waters to a Thirsty Soul

baby-FATHERWhen we first come to Yahushua Messiah [Jesus Christ] as our Lord and Saviour, we have a strong awareness of abiding in our heavenly Father’s love. This keen awareness of abiding in Father’s love is indeed a wonderful part of a believer’s experience!

The phrase ‘abiding in His love’ brings to mind an image of a little child surrounded by the loving arms of the father. This scene perfectly pictures the sense of security a little child has.

But for an adult, this image may not adequately convey the full meaning of abiding in our Father’s love. As we grow and mature as Believers, Father begins to relate to us in a different way, based on our greater understanding, and greater responsibilities within His family.

As Believers, our desire is to ‘abide’ in Father’s love, but with a sense of approval, affirmation, and support from Father. As we mature, we come…

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