Sunday School, P. 5 David, Goliath and Yeshua’s 2nd Coming

Pete Rambo has offered a really great (audio) study showing the many incredible ways that David’s encounter with Goliath pictures the Second Coming of Messiah.  At the beginning, Pete reads a poem by Sam Walter Foss – the sound is not great and it’s hard to hear, so you can read the poem at   This is an excellent teaching and well worth the 45 minute investment of your time!  Enjoy!


This week in Sunday School we took a look at Yeshua in the Tanakh as seen in David at the defeat of Goliath, I Samuel 17.  I began our teaser with a poem I previously posted.  Then, we looked at Psalm 23:3, also previously touched on here.  Here is the ppt for the lesson, containing both poem and notes for the first part of the lesson.  Paths v Cycles

Toward the end, I give a homework assignment and tell them that Torah is GOOD!! handout will help them.  I HIGHLY recommend this one page study sheet.

Here is the 45 minute audio of the lesson that ultimately connects David and Goliath with our Messiah’s Second Coming, also previously discussed on this blog.

Enjoy and please share.  Feedback welcome.

Shalom, shalom!

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