Torah in the Book of the ACTS of the Apostles – Chapters 27-28

Acts 27 and 28 – Off to Rome –

Now when much time was spent, and when sailing was now dangerous, because the fast was now already past… Acts 27:9

Yom Kippur 8The term “the fast” refers to Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement), which occurs in the fall, a time of year when the ocean becomes turbulent and dangerous.  On the Day of Atonement, the faithful ‘afflict their souls’ by fasting in repentance.  (Lev 23:27)  This is the only one of YHVH’s appointed times which involves fasting (all of the others involve feasting), so it quickly earned the sobriquet ‘The Fast.’  

We mention this verse only because it shows us once again that the apostles and disciples were still marking the passage of time according to the biblical calendar – they were observing the feasts of YHVH.

In Rome

Once in Rome, Paul met first with the local Jews:

Ostia Synagogue in Rome
Ruins of the Ostia Synagogue in Rome, after a severe rain.

And it came to pass, that after three days Paul called the chief of the Jews together: and when they were come together, he said unto them, Men and brethren, though I have committed nothing against the people, or customs of our fathers, yet was I delivered prisoner from Jerusalem into the hands of the Romans. Acts 28:17

Paul is trying to stop rumors from even starting – he wants to make sure that the Jews know right from the get-go that he is observant and does not teach against Torah.

They asked him to share his message with them, after which some of them believed (in Y’shua as Messiah), while most did not.  In response, Paul said:

Be it known therefore unto you, that the salvation of God is sent unto the Gentiles, and that they will hear it.  Acts 28:28

Not the best or most tactful way to build Jewish-Gentile relations, but typical of Paul!

This is the last Torah-pertinent passage that we found in the Book of Acts.  If you have found other Torah-related verses in the Book of Acts that we have not addressed in this series and would like to discuss them, we would be delighted to hear from you!

The Acts of the Apostles – A Foundation for Faith

gratitudeWhen considered in its entirety, the Book of Acts appears to be not only an interesting (though incomplete) history of the early days of the Faith and a history of the early ministry to the Gentiles, but also an apologetic, directed to believing Gentiles.  It records much of the blood, sweat and tears that have been invested in their salvation and suffered on their behalf.  This book is the author’s challenge to his fellow believing Gentiles that they not waste or ignore what has been accomplished for them.  He doesn’t candy-coat the orthodox Jews’ animosity toward believing Gentiles, (nor does he attempt any reconciliation between them), but he rejoices with the converts that despite all opposition, they have been brought into the Kingdom of God.

The last verse of Acts tells us that Paul spent two years teaching in Rome, ‘with no man forbidding him.’  We’d love to know his adventures during this time!  But we can rest assured that Paul never laid aside his determination to show his love for his Messiah through careful observation of His commands in His Torah.  In fact, Paul’s letter to the Romans, which we will study next, makes that abundantly clear!

But this I confess to you, that according to ‘the Way’, which they call a sect,so I worship the God of my fathers, believing all things which are written in the Law and in the Prophets.  Acts 24:14

THE BOOK OF ACTSIntroduction, Chapters 1-5, Chapters 6-10, Chapters 11-12, Chapter 13 (Part 1), Chapter 13 (Part 2), Chapters 14-15, Chapter 16, Chapters 17-18, Chapters 19-20, Chapters 21-26, Chapters 27-28

By Sue and John Wyatt,

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