One Law for Jew and Gentile

I am reblogging this from THE COMING KINGDOM, which is the blog that my husband and I do together.  The article is long because it quotes a LOT of verses, but it isn’t really necessary to read every one – they’re there for study purposes.  It is hoped that a review of the passages – even a cursory review – will make it evident that YHVH intends for ALL people to live together under His Way of Righteousness, which we call Torah.

One Law for Jew and Gentile

Generally there are two viewpoints regarding the “Law”:

  • The accepted teaching among Jews is that Gentiles are expected only to follow the terms of the Noahic Covenant, [1] but are not expected (or even encouraged) to observe Torah, [2] because Torah is considered to be a blessing granted only to the Jews.
  • The accepted teaching among Christians is that ‘Jesus fulfilled the Law’ (Torah), thereby ‘freeing’ men from its burden and condemnation.

Talk about different perspectives!  One group sees Torah as a blessing to which only their certain group is entitled, while the other sees it as a burden and a curse which has been placed only a certain group (but thankfully not on them)!

We believe Scripture disagrees with both teachings.

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