Immigration: the Strangers Among Us

I am so grateful that this brother wrote this article: his perspective is scriptural and therefore accurate and godly. After reading this I realized that I had been approaching the immigrant issue from a patriotic, tax-paying American perspective, rather than from the godly, biblical perspective that Y’shua expects of me. I have repented, and have remembered that my own Irish ancestors arrived in this country as despised intruders, perceived as savages and destroyers of American culture, yet nevertheless the ORIGINAL American principle of ‘loving the stranger’ allowed my ancestors to flourish in this land and to eventually be accepted as just plain Americans. May I have the same supportive attitude as did the Americans of four generations ago. Shalom!

Navigating by Faith

Latin Teenager Portrait in a Sunset

In the wake of Obama’s executive orders on Immigration and all of the outcry and fallout from it, I wondered exactly what the Bible instructs us on the issue of immigration. Christians tend to be conservative and Republican…

at least that is how they are portrayed. But, if Christians are to be instructed by the Word of God, what would that instruction be?

I did a simple word search in the New American Standard version of the Bible. There were 36 times that words in the Old and New Testaments were translated as “stranger” (non-citizen, immigrant). The word was often accompanied by the word, “sojourner”. Determining the Biblical view of dealing with strangers among us was simple and easy, and the picture that appears is perfectly clear and consistent. It could not be easier to understand.

The Israelites were instructed in the Old Testament not to wrong or oppress the…

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