If the Law was not given to Gentiles, then how did Y’shua save Gentiles from the condemnation of the Law?

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… If the (law), this includes the 10 commandments, were given to Israel, how did Yeshua (Jesus) deliver us from a law that was never given to gentiles? Think about it. Every Sunday morning there is a gentile preacher some where, saying (Jesus) came, and died to deliver us from a law that the bible never says was given to gentiles. The scriptures say Yeshua (Jesus) is the Passover to those to whom Passover is given.  If the church and Israel are separate entities, how does his death benefit a gentile church to whom his law was never given? Think about it.



How to Divide a Family… A Thought.

Adopted vs Natural


Recently, I happened across a Bethany Christian Services magazine and was reading a couple articles about adoption, and no, that is not something we are considering at this time.  But, a point in one of the articles prompted some thought about family unity and division.

IMG_1112A short conversation this morning in the comments section of another blog connected the thoughts to the One Law v. Two Law debates/discussions I have had before!

A much debated subject in the Messianic movement is whether the Torah is just for the Jews, or is it the revelation of righteousness for all mankind.  We’ve looked at this topic multiple times from various angles, a list of links below, but here is another thought:  ‘How to Divide a Family…’  Simple, have different standards and rewards for the adopted children as you have for the natural born.

Seriously, think about it!  If you had a child…

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